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Eddie Hynes at the WBMHOF

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One day prior to the benefit Tank asked me to look up Eddie, and ask him for his phone number.
I did, and was glad Tank had asked me to do so because otherwise I never would have gotten to know Eddie Hynes the person.
At the benefit Eddie told me that he doesn't play any longer. I thought to myself what a shame.
After the benefit I spoke to Eddie a few times.
One night Eddie told me that Buck had asked him to play again, and that he would do so.
Then a couple of weeks before the induction Eddie told me that he wouldn't be able to play. (Bummer)
On the big day Eddie showed up with his horn, ready to play.
Eddie played with The Alley Cats who backed up inductees Joe Barry, Frogman Henry, Tommy Warren, Joe Carl and Frankie Ford.
It was a great day, but I thought the most touching moment was the induction of Joe Barry as we had 2 guys on stage who came to honor us even though it was supposed to be Joe's day.
Thanks Joe - Thanks Eddie.
It was a day Estelle and myself will never forget.
Tonight I called Tank and thanked him for asking me to get Eddie's number.



Photos taken at The Westbank Musicians Hall Of Fame Inc. first fund raiser July 20th, 2003.

Photos courtesy Chris.



Eddie and Frankie Ford.


Photos taken at The 2003 Inductions for The Westbank Musicians Hall Of Fame on Sunday October 26th.