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Big Easy Street Sounds

Earl on C.D.3
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Gone but not Forgotten
Hangin' Out
Hey, Mr. D.J.
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Earl Stanley


Earl Stanley: Bass, Organ and Guitar Solos.
Dr. John: Piano and Guitar.  

Linear note quotes:
That the bass player for the Skyliners, Earl Stanley, had written and produced "A Gypsy Woman Told Me" and "A Million Tears Ago" by Eddie Powers as well as "Pass Off The Hatchet" by Roger and the Gypsies.
Old friends Mac Rebennack, Earl Stanley & Charlie Miller were available for recording.


Earl Stanley: Tambourine.
Engineered and Mixed by Carlo Ditta and Earl Stanley.

Quote from Roland Stone, " I was really happy with this project - I did this with Mac, I did this with Earl Stanley, two cats that I began my recording career with. My professional life began in the band with these two cats, so I was thrilled."