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Big Easy Street Sounds

The Saxons
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The Saxons were formed in the summer of 1957 and stayed together as a band until 1965. The members of the band were Marty Roberts (tenor sax), Ralph Paillot (tenor sax), Arthur 'Skip' Godwin (baritone sax), Tommy "Chopsley" George (guitar), John "Beanzo' Weinmunson (singer and bass), Robert Jenson (piano) and Owen Mohr (drums).
The band was formed to have fun and meet girls.
After many hours and weeks of rehearsals the band learned about 50 songs. The band began playing for many local high school weekend dances and wedding receptions.
St. Dominic, Sacred Heart and St. Anthonys were a few of the high school dances the band played during the late fifties and early sixties.
The band also played many private parties for "The Road Rebels" car club and around town at many cocktail lounges in the city of New Orleans and Metairie.
The band won two 1st place and one 2nd place awards in three battle of the bands.
Tommy George became "Chopsley" for "Morgus the Magnificent". The band became the "Morgus Goule Band" and made appearences in Mississippi and Louisiana.
The band recorded Road of Dreams, Tangleweed, Camelwalk (Part 1 and 2), Treat Me Right, Canadian Sunset, First Time, Don't Say Goodbye, What Will Become of Me and Chippy.
In 1965 the original members started to drift apart and other musicians became members.
Tommy George is the only deceased original member. Thank you Tommy for your musicial talent and contributions to the band. May God Bless You.
Many thanks to Owen Mohr for the text (wish we had meet you in the beginning)
Clint and Estelle