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Big Easy Street Sounds

Owen Mohr
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Earl Stanley


Earl introduced Estelle and myself to Owen almost 2 years ago - at that time we failed to realize that it was one of the nicest things (only one of the nicest) that Earl would do for us.
Owen called and invited Estelle and myself to The Saxons induction.
 We spent the day with Owen and Pat and it was most enjoyable.
The Saxons induction was at the end of the day - after their induction it would have been easy to leave - as it had been a very, very long day.
The next band inducted was The New Orleans Ragtime and Dixieland Band and for some reason they had no drummer.
They then asked Owen to sit in - I haven't talked to Owen about it but I think he really enjoyed sitting in.
After that Owen's friend Harvey Jesus was inducted - and a long day finally ended.
Thanks to Pat and Owen for inviting us.




Owen and Pat


Owen sittin' in

Owen and Billy Bell


 Two of our favorite drummers, two nice people  
Clint and Estelle


Owen and Bernie Cyrus who was also inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame that day

The Saxon's Induction