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Earl Stanley


Not long after 'Gypsy Woman,' the Beatles came to America and Stanley was forced to make a musical metamorphosis. "It wasn't a gradual change," he pointed out. "It happened like overnight. It seemed like one weekend we were playing 'Cherry Pie' and 'Johnny B. Goode,' the next we were playing '19th Nervous Breakdown' and 'Wolly Bully.' All the popular bands grew their hair long and wore Beatles suits. If they didn't they didn't work. I used to get fan mail on Bourbon Street because people thought I looked like John Lennon (laughs). I enjoyed the change. I played bass and guitar, and the British sound was based around the guitar."
Above text taken from Jeff Hannusch's Talkin' 'bout New Orleans.
OffBEAT Magazine June 2002.
Page 40. 


        Earl circa 1966

OffBEAT Magazine June 2001
Talkin' ' bout New Orleans by Jeff Hannusch.
Pass The Hatchet.
page 40.