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Big Easy Street Sounds

Earl and Tommy (Chopsley) George
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Gone but not Forgotten
Hangin' Out
Hey, Mr. D.J.
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Earl Stanley

Text and photo courtesy Earl Stanley.

'Tommy George played guitar with the Saxons, and made one of my favorite guitar instrumentals with them titled "Tangle Weed," which I hope to record in the future. 
As teenagers Tommy and I would sit around and exchange ideas.  He loved showing me new chords that he would learn on the guitar. 
He played fine guitar, and played very well.  I learned many nice guitar chords from him. 
He was a very quiet spoken, and a heck of a nice guy.  I guess you could say he was a "gentle giant."'

Photo courtesy Earl Stanley.


'Outside Seasaint Studios on
Climatus Street.
Getting ready to record with Wayne Tschantz on a Richie Ladner recording session.  Tommy and I both played guitar.
It was our one and only recording session together, I wish there would have been more.
It was a great time recording with Tommy and Wayne.  Wayne was my dear friend and I would go to his house often and visit.
We also worked together with Kathy Savoy.'


The Saxons