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Big Easy Street Sounds

Eddie Powers
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Gone but not Forgotten
Hangin' Out
Hey, Mr. D.J.
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Earl Stanley


I first met Eddie at a recording session in Old Algiers for his soon to be released C.D. 


I thought 'this can't be Eddie Powers, the performer I've listened to for almost 40 years.  He's an average guy like me!'


Weeks later we had the privilege to hear Eddie perform live and we have become regulars at his shows.


One night Eddie asked me "Haven't you heard enough?"

I thought to myself it's been almost 40 years, so I guess there can't be enough.


I'll Dream No More and A Million Tears Ago (written by Earl) I believe are the two best love songs ever recorded.  Sorry Earl, but I'll Dream No More is my favorite.


I don't remember what I was doing or where I was but I know I stopped and listened when I heard the first verse "I've had my last dream" and until this day, I still do.


(Stealing a phrase) "Thanks for the memories."


We also want to thank you and your family for a friendship we cherish.


Clint & Estelle