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Big Easy Street Sounds

Joe Lovecchio *

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I have to admit I wasn't a "Sparks" fan until one night last year I had the opportunity to meet Joe Lovecchio.


Joe blows one of the the sweetest saxophones, period.  It comes from his heart.


Estelle says Joe is a true gentleman.

Me, I have my reservations.


When Joe is performing there can be any number of horn players on stage, but at one time or another you will see them step back one by one and enjoy the mellow sound that comes from Joe's horn.


Joe has said many times that he  thinks Sam Butera is the best.  I say move over Sam you've got company.


Joe - Estelle and I thank you for your friendship; I wish we had been there from the beginning.


Joe, I also thank you for the knowledge that you share with me, it has been a real experience, I have learned so much from you and hope one day to pass it on thru our web site.                 



Clint & Estelle




Joe and The Sparks were inducteed into The Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame on Sunday, April 13, 1997