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Big Easy Street Sounds

Gretna Proclaims Esquires Day
Photo Gallery
Gone but not Forgotten
Hangin' Out
Hey, Mr. D.J.
Swamp Poppin' Photo Gallery
Earl Stanley

                        Courtesy Buck Baker.


Buck Baker and City Of Gretna Mayor Ronnie Harris.

City of Gretna proclaims April 16th Esquires Day.

As a Westbanker I grew up with The Esquires and their music. I don't know of any band other than The Esquires that has created a common bond between them and their community; creating friendships and family that has endured almost 5 decades.
The above honor is truly deserved, and greatly appreciated by The Esquires.
The Esquires wish to thank The City Of Gretna and Mayor Ronnie Harris for this honor.