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Earl Stanley

Earl Stanley and the Stereos.
 Photo courtesy Earl Stanley.
circa early 60's


Unknown to Earl and myself
this was the beginning of our web site, Big Easy Street Sounds.

Estelle and I were married in 1964.  Together we had 3 great kids: Cindy, Chris and Chad; and 30 years later our only granddaughter Caitlin.


Shortly after we were married she introduced me to Earl's music.  Her uncle Chester Prather played sax for a short time in Earl's band "The Stereo's."  For all of the following years I remained a fan.


I don't know the exact year so I will use the year 2000 for the text.


My oldest son Chris would come to his mother and I and tell us "You have to go listen to music at a place in Metairie called 'Critic's Choice.'"  We'd answer "No Chris, thats just not us."  This went on for two years.


One night he told me "But pops, Earl Stanley plays there."

The following week we joined my son there and we met Earl.


Imagine meeting someone who had entertained you for 38+ years.  I must admit that I still haven't figured the man out, but what a ride it has been trying to do so.


Through Earl I have had the pleasure of meeting several musical personalities whom you will see on our website Big Easy Street Sounds.


Earl gave me my first picture with him and Eddie Powers with "The Stereo's."

Earl inspired me to undertake this project, and its been a pleasure doing so.  We hope to make this informative and fun for anyone who visits us there.


Earl, Estelle and I want you to know that even though you weren't there and didn't know, you have been part of our family for almost forty years.


Thanks for everything, especially for letting us become friends and for introducing us to most of the friends on our website.


I'ts been fun, 

Clint & Estelle